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Will you protect my driveway?

Yes. Each disposal bin is equipped with rear rollers. We also insure each bin is placed on wooden planks at time of drop off to protect your driveway.

Is it okay if materials are sticking out of the bin?

No. We ask that you do not over fill the bins. We need to tarp them on site in order to transport them to the landfill. Over filling a bin can result in an extra cost for you, if we make the trip and cannot take the bin.

Where can I put the bin?

Usually we recommend driveways, but a bin can be placed anywhere as long as it abides municipal laws.

What are your payment options?

We accept Cash, Cheque, and Money transfers.

If I fill this bin, and need an additional one, what will it cost?

The same rental fee applies to any additional bin. You would receive an additional 7 days from the day that the bin is dropped off.

What if I am done with the bin before the 7 days?

Give us a call and we can schedule an earlier pick up that is most convenient for you.

How much notice do you need to deliver a bin?

We can usually do same day delivery, depending on what we have available. Give us a call, and we'll do our best to accomodate your needs.

Can I put anything in the bin?

No. We ask you do not put any hazardous materials like paint, batteries, pesticides, chemicals, motor oils, gasoline, propane tanks, or tires. Although if you do have these items ask us how to dispose of them. If you do place any hazardous items in the bin you will be responsible for any financial or environmental impact.

What is a clean fill bin?

These are bins that are only meant for dirt, sod, soil, or gravel. These items are not to be mixed together. We do provide these bins at a flat rate. 

Where does the waste go, once you pick it up?

Your waste gets seperated, anything recyclable gets recycled. Any remaining garbage waste gets brought to local landfills.

What is the cost for a bin?

The cost varies, depending on the size of the bin, as well as the material you fill it with. Please contact us for a quote!

What if I need the bin longer then 7 days?

That's okay! Extensions are available at extra costs.

Any other questions, feel free to contact us at any time!

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